100% Organic cotton & Organic Dyes



Organic cotton is made from natural seed and there is no use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals, regular cotton farming starts with genetically modified seeds prone to bug infestation in turn requiring more pesticides to be used. This makes organic cotton products much safer for the skin especially our little ones.

The environmental impact of standard cotton compared to organic cotton is much tougher, it degrades the soils quality and requires excessive amounts of water.

The purity of organic cotton fiber is calculated by stages as it is processed, organic cotton is handpicked preserving its natural purity without damaging its fiber. Standard cotton is generally mechanically picked due to the high demand, this method causes damage to the fibers in the cotton and the mechanical stage causes a lot of loss and wastage.

Organic cotton uses safer alternatives to chemical dyes and whiteners, natural or water-based dyes are used for colour and peroxide for whiteness.