About Us

Why organic little one?

We are a small family run business going the extra mile to bring you Eco-friendly and sustainable products. Every order placed is individually hand wrapped with a little plant me seed for you and your family to grow and love.We only use acid free tissue paper and Eco-friendly packaging.

We thoughtfully select our suppliers to guarantee that the products we sell meet our standards and ethics, we ensure all products are organic cotton, environmentally friendly and made ethically.

Organic little one values the importance of well made clothing and we are aware of the impact which synthetic and harmful fiber products effect our skin and environment. We recognise the benefits of using organic cotton on our delicate skin and its positive impact on skin related conditions.

My strong passion for organic cotton products came after my battle with psoriasis, a skin condition where genetics and environmental factors play a role, understanding fabric and how easily our skin can become irritated has given me inspiration to make sure everyone cares for their skin.

Our philosophy is to provide everyone with organic products as I do for myself and my little ones, from one mother to another.

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